Thanks to Steve Biel for the reading list and Cleveland Stadium mustard; ML Shultze, WKSU in Kent, Ohio for taking us to downtown Akron and explaining so much, so well; Terry Armstrong, Courtney Gibson and the Politics and Government Club at Lordstown (OH) High for cultural exchange and friendship crossing state lines; Sam Quinones for fearless journalism; Bill Dever, Portsmouth (OH) attorney, for taking us to the heart of Ohio and our country's struggle to overcome opioid addiction; Kevin Kern, University of Akron, for condensing much of the Ohio history textbook he co-authored into a 20 minute Skype; Kristen Hayashi of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Cris McCall of McCall Art Advisory, and Paul Kopeikin of the Kopeikin Gallery -- each for priceless curatorial consulting; Chiquita Mullins-Lee of the Ohio Arts Council and Matt Hart, editor of Forklift, Ohio, for annotated bibliographies of Ohio poets; Regis Coustillac of the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State for bardic telling of Ohio winters and of adventuring beyond the bubble; Curt LeMieux and David Moran for keeping the pedagogy going; Oliver Shipley for the Nikon Camera; Ken Martinez, Victoria Vickers and all staff and students -- especially Brianna S. for the chiwowcow -- at Grand Arts HS who make it a great place to be; and finally to Girls Build LA for letting us use their room.  
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